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Cruising is increasing in popularity every year. If you need help to find that first cruise we can help you enter the wonderful world of cruising. If you are a seasoned cruiser we can help you find that special cruise. Le’s us start helping you!

A unique opportunity exists to paint, sketch and explore some of Greece’s most beautiful islands. Take your paints and brushes to visit colourful fishing villages, dense olive groves, winding bouganvillea-filled lanes, and many more wonderful locations!

Want someone else to sort out all the details?

A package holidays keeps it simple … for you.

These packages take all the hard work out of your trip planning BUT we will need you to go on the trip.

If you would like to travel with other people then take a look at our tours. We have tours personally escorted by us and tours by people who we know are passionate about specific areas and experiences of travel.

Discover the real Cuba. Get in contact with the Cuban culture and its people.

We have put together some helpful information so that you can be the informed traveller.

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